Multi-ethnic princess come enjoy some of my warm bodyscrubs & oil

Atlanta, GA
  • Age: 22
  • Stats: 45B
Southside of Atlanta Hapeville area

Please do not call my phone text only sometimes my phone roam and I don't always get calls so text me only to be sure that I actually receive your message

Hi I am a sexy dark skinned afro Dominican Bahamian South American female with a soft Gentle Touch providing full body massages for 1 hour.

Full body massages/mutual­čĹÉAromatherapy massage / Mutual ­čĹÉverbal sensational therapy / full body massageFreezing / cold therapy full body massageFreezing / cold therapy full body rubTouch therapy/ with seductive Rhythm and movement

Therapeutic full body massagesBody rubsSwedishDeep tissue

Sea salt massagesFull body massages / body scrubsTherapeutic massage / exercising / leg stretchingAromatherapy massageMassage / detoxMulti relaxation/stress relief/ pain relief massage / with stress relieved massage oils and lotions

AromatherapyReflexologyHeat therapyHot stonesHot candle waxSkin detoxSkin detox scrubs/facial/bodyscrubsHot string treatmentsSea salt treatmentsHot rocksBody scrubsBack scrubsBubble bathsAromatherapy bathsFor bath salts I have eucalyptus lavender peppermint and spearmint bath saltsPeppermint facialsDry brushingBack scratchingShaving for an extra $10Facials rather of facial scrub or a regular facialMicrodermabrasion with my mini home dermabrasion machineI make natural facials body scrubs and foot scrubs from scratch for vegans and vegetariansMassages performed with Icy Hot warm or hot coconut oil and eucalyptus oilFoot massages performed with icy hot warm or hot coconut oil and eucalyptus oilAll of my massages are performed with eucalyptus oil for aromatherapyFor aromatherapy candles incense aromatherapy sprays and oilsI will be starting visual therapy very soonFoot scrubs with my foot spa tub and. For an extra $10 I can remove the callus from your feetAntifungal treatments with creams oils lotions and foot scrubsHot body oil treatmentsHot body scrub treatmentHot cinnamon body scrub treatmentHot stick performed with wooden sticks hot oil hot body scrub Candle wax or icy hotA hot cup of tea for relaxation rather chamomile Ginger green tea or herbal teaI have a variety of oilsI offer a variety of massages when you get here I can give you a consultationHydration therapyCellulite cuppingCellulite therapy

I will be starting visual therapy in a couple weeks from now

I will be starting massage fantasies / massage scenarios in a couple weeks from now for an example you might have a fantasy to get a massage by a mermaid so I would dress up as a mermaid you might have a fantasy to get a massage surrounded around candles in seashells I will create. Scenario and create that image for you i will be creating a happy place everybody have a happy place you might want to be while receiving a massage and my job is to create that happy place for you


So come enjoy a tropical relaxation with a Caribbean Latin princess with a soft Gentle Touch a great personality great conversation and great music to soothe your mood Mind Body Spirit and soul you can contact me at 256-365-8481

I do not respond to inappropriate text messages blocked callers private callers are incomplete text messages if you do not see it on my ad 9 times out of 10 I do not offer it please do not call me and ask me what do I offer everything is clearly in my ad if it's not there I don't do it

No cash app no credit cards cash only

If you make an appointment with me you have within 10 minutes to cancel if you do cancel make sure you cancel within 10 minutes of making the appointment if you fell to cancel within 10 minutes of making your appointment cancellation fees are $25 if you plan to see me in the future and you cancel an appointment without notification you will have to pay a cancellation fee of $25 if you ever want to receive a massage for me in the future

please do not call me all times of night my hours of operation for Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. Is to 8:30 r 6 a.m. my hours of operation for Friday is 6 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. my hours of operation for Saturday is 6 a.m. to 11 hours of operation for Sunday is 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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