Mistress Mia Darque 'The Oklahoma Amazon"

Las Vegas, NV
  • Age: 40
  • Height: 6' 3"
  • Weight: 272lbs
Las vegas

Visiting for the AVN'S

January 22nd-26th

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NiteFlirt: DominaMia

Because of my size, stature and demeanor I excel at particular types and styles of domination including but not limited to... ABDL, Extreme Corpral Punishments, Lift Carry, Interrogations, Race Play and much more. In May of 2018 I was honored to be Mistress of Ceremonies at DomCon Los Angeles for their 15th anniversary.I also love to indulge in role-play/cosplay scenes and sessions especially with my Nerdcore clientele. This can be as mild as Frodo Baggins getting a spanking from his sword (Sting) by a Nazgul with a chip on its shoulder to Kylo-Ren being bound in ecstasy filled semi suspension while being tickle tortured by Darth Vader for being a whiny grandchild. I enjoy all of my sessions but these do tend to hold a special place in my heart.

When you come under my heel you will:

Need a strong back for Me to sit on and a soul for Me to crush (your soul is not optional, Mine on the other hand is always M.I.A.)Revel in the thought of me as your Mistress during O/our time together.Be grateful for every lash I decide to give you.Do as told and as I see fit.Respond to any inquiry I ask with complete honesty, I will always do the same.I need a pound or more of flesh that can keep up with a highly sadistic woman so be prepared.Be ready to be My personal pain puppy/fuck slut and like it especially if the punishment fits the crime.

***My personal hard limits arereal children and real animals***

In-Call sessions are limited and require a deposit!


[email protected]

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