Explore your SENSUAL well-being in a session with Goddess Emelly

Atlanta, GA
  • Age: 35
Stone Mountain

1Life is meant to be lived in joy and bliss. This is the foundation for our work.

These sessions are unique as not only to be refreshing and rejuvenating, are designed so that you will always know peace and inspiration.

I promote awareness of our powerful Kundalini energy, known to be healing and recharging of the spirit. By utilizing breath work, visualization and info. from my sessions you learn to work with this and achieve your goals and wishes (i.e., that dream partner, perfect job, etc.) The possibilities are endless.

13 benefits include strengthening the IMMUNE SYSTEM, enhancing your true nature and improving relationships with others, etc. Most importantly, you will feel like you just got back from a mini-vacation :D You may E-mail or call (503) 432-0486 for info. I look forward to seeing you! :) Blessings

These sessions are NON-SEXUAL.

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