DesertDomDiva, Mistress MsMadyson ready to be served Vegas

Las Vegas, NV
  • Age: 35
  • Height: 5' 11"
  • Eyes: Blonde
By appointment only w/advancenotice

Sessions are by appointments only. They require 48-72 hrs notice plus deposit

Creating and molding a human male mind is a delicate task. The halls of its mind are shrouded in sexual innuendo, constantly. His hidden sexual desires almost controlling him. So, pig ventures. Then, pig finds himself here. I am skilled in modifying parasitic male human behaviors. You are an undiscovered paradise beneath all the masculine-fragile muck you parade behind. It is my sole duty as an indigenous GOD, to guide you towards Black Ownership. To cleanse you of your mortal and carnal sins. I very much enjoy controlling you, bending you, manipulating you.

I enjoy indulging in your admiration and humility. I am rarely interested in things that are not in line with my own interests. In fact, I loathe entertaining male company unless it involves me controlling, stabilizing, embarrassing, and humiliating them. Of course, I do not find you to be gruesome creatures. Understand, that the sole purpose of my creation is to STABILIZE/GUIDE YOU. Indeed, I enjoy correcting you as it benefits my own interests. Keep this in mind. I seek true service. Iknow what you need better than you do...You need to be on your knees, head bowed begging and pleading to touch and serve your Goddess!It is through your submission that you gain ecstasy. Without your complete surrender, you can never befulfilled.

All calls or text are during business hours 11 am -9 pm at 323-389-PAIN

Book that session at or

Below are activities that you may NEVER ask for (there are no exceptions):


I will NOT be fully nude

No switching or topping from the bottom

No bestiality, children or persons under the legal age of consent.

No activities that I foresee resulting in long-term physical or psychological damage to any participant involved.

A deposit is required to book a session. The balance is due in cash at the time of our appointment.

I book quickly so make your appointment ASAP!

For more information about Me and continual updates, follow my social media outlets

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